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How to make money from WhatsApp

Make money from WhatsApp

Have an idea of making money from WhatsApp. i'am here to teach you how to make money from WhatsApp you just pay a little attention here to know How to make money by WhatsApp.

After complete reading this post you can easily make $50 to $100 /month by WhatsApp

The triks is simple and easy just you need a account of some website which will pay you for premoting their product

The Google have many website which pay us for promoting product or clicking ads. You should go to that website then create your account with correct details, after completion login to your account and search the product what you want to sell after that you get a product link from website copy or keep that link to your mind and search a website which can pay you for shorten link. Then create your account there and short your link, then after share that short link to your WhatsApp groups, family and friends you will earn money when your link was click by people and if they buy product from your link you also earn from there.

Here i'am bring the website for you which will help to monetize your WhatsApp account the website name is from this website you can easily choose product by your wish, it pay you more money in real time, the website pay you through paypal or direct transfer to your bank account. This website is good for affilite marketing .

Read below for shorten link

Here is a website link for link shorten, the website link is if you join this website you don't need to join any affilite wesite. You can easily earn big money from this website, the website pay you for shorten links and referring other people on your downline, this is a my best site for shorten link, i already make $100 per month from this website, its your turn so try it. On next post i want to share you money earning tips of so keep subscribe my blog. Here i'am tell you in basic tips of for WhatsApp only because my today topic is about whatsapp tips.

For making money from, firstofall create your account on you will get your referral link from there, you should short your referral url from url shorterner tool then after create a good message in WhatsApp using different fonts or text style and about good topic then share that messege to your WhatsApp friends, family and groups. You can earn money by two process from, one is from sharing link and another is making referral.

You will earn money when people join by your referral link and when people click the link which you have share. If you want to proof for it click this link to see how your link will generate