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[For all websites] How to get direct referrals

How to get referrals on ptc and other websites referral programDo you want to increase your ptc earning through referrals? Here is a article which guide you to getting referrals on all websites referral program.There are some method which can help you to increase referral without paying any amount of money, here i bring that methods which help you to increase referral without any investment at any referral program.Whean you share referral link by any of the method below, short your url from any url shortner websites. There are many website for url shorten, short your referral link from there. The most popular todays url shortner websites is,, and so on.Get direct referrals from traffic exchange websitesBy traffic exchange websites you can easily increase referral on your referral program. You just have need an account of traffic exchange website.article, you may like If you haven't account on any traffic exchange website find out most popular traffic excha…