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Chrome shortcut keys - 100% working

Do you use chrome browser. if your answer is no, i recomended you, try to use it. If your answer is yes, please try to learn something from here.The chrome is a fast, secure and free web browser devloped by google in 2008 and it is built for mordern web.In this days we want infrastructure for every work. likely, here i beings some infrastructure for chrome browser. When we use chrome browser, we use computer mouse also for doing something. Some time we have difficult to use mouse, that time we have only one idea for using chrome browser, that is keyboard. In keyboard we need to use keyword shortcut. The keyword shortcut is listed below, pay a little attention to learn. Chrome shortcut keys
Ctrl + RReload the current webpage.Ctrl + LHighlight the url.Ctrl + NOpen a new window.Ctrl + TOpen a new Tab.Ctrl + OOpen a file from computer.Ctrl + HOpen the browser history.Ctrl + JOpen the downloads pages of browser.Ctrl + PPrint your visible page of your browser.Ctrl + SSave your visible page o…