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How to tweet daily brainy quote's on twitter automatically

How to tweet daily brainy quote's on twitter automatically.For getting more engagement on twitter account you have to need to tweet daily on your twitter timeline.If you post daily one tweet on your timeline you can get more engagement. But i think you can't manage the time for writing tweet, because when you write a tweet, the tweet have been beautiful and attractive, the beautiful and attractive tweet can't be written in short time.So i'am being a solution for this problem. If you are having in that problem you haven't need to write tweet by yourself daily, you can use other peoples quote's to tweet by IFTTT.Do you want to know how? For the solution of problem is IFTTT app or you can use the IFTTT by website. On the IFTTT have many applets for various purpose and there have a good applet for twitter user that applet name is Tweet Brainy Quote's Quote of the day the applet tweet daily Brainy quote's on twitter automatically. you can use that applet f…

WhatsApp tricks - 2018

How to change text style on WhatsApp chat
Do you know, We can chat on WhatsApp using different text style. For doing that you need the idea of writing message, just pay a little attention here to know how to write message on WhatsApp using different style.WhatsApp give us Bold ItalicStrike new fonts and blue text style, the messege writing process is simple, only you have to know some character symbol.For bold text, use star * character symbol in starting of message and use same star symbol on end of the message. example: *This is a message*. your text is automatic converted to the bold style.For italic, you need to use underscore after your message and use underscore before end of the message. example: _This is a message_. your text is automatic converted to italicFor strike you need to use ~ this character symbol after and before of your message. example: ~This is a message~ your message is automatic converted to strikethroughFor making new fonts you need to use ` this character symb…