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How to view website source code

When we visit the websites, in the some websites we see some wonderful things there, sometime we want to view that programme "(source code)", but what you can do, if you haven't any idea for view the programme "(source code)". so today i'am being simple one idea for this issue. You just pay a little attention here to solve that issue.This idea is for smartphones and windows pc user only. For others i will write on my next post, so keep subscribe to learn new ideas. Now i'am start to talking about "how to view source code on smartphones and windows."1. For smartphones On smartphones you can view source code by two tricks. That's is (a). From chrome browser. On chrome browser you just need to write view-source: on the url bar then click Go, the website source code is open in next tab of your browser.If you want the proof for it, you simply copy the marked text then replace the marked te…

How to - learn web development

We are know a single second of time is extremely precious for our life. So we always want a short period of time for doing any work or learning the course. so here i have written a blog about 'in short period of time, how can be possible to become a web developer'
In this post I want to share some ideas which I have know, you just pay a little attention to read the all ideas of this post.To become a web developer we need the knowledge of programming language of HTML, CSS, JS. The language are simple and easy to learn. An abbreviation of HTML is hypertext markup language, it is use for making structure of website.
The abbreviation of CSS is cascading style sheet, it is use for making stylish webpage by changing colors text formatting etc.
The javaScript to program the behavior of web page.If you have the interest to become a successful web developer you most have to know this programming language first. For learning this language you don't need to go to s…