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How to use easyhits4u traffic exchange for big traffic.

we know without visitor in a website we can't do anything from a website that website is workless for us. So we need more and more visitor in a website but we have difficult to get the huge number of visitor in a website, you can get a huge number of visitor from advertising platform but they ask you money. you'll get paid visitor from there, but that paid visitor is nothing, what can you do by the paid visitor, having paid visitor or website without visitor have no difference. Or you give your website for fixing your SEO to the developer there you also need to pay. that's a problem happening daily in website owner life here I m discuss the problem with the website owner, now I am starting to share about the problem solution.

The one solution of getting website visitor is traffic exchange site, the traffic exchange site can only give you number of visitor in your website in short of time, in search engine there are lots of traffic exchange site we will find but all that sites are not good, some sites are good and some sites are fraud you you can choose that in your wish , create your account there and start to use, in traffic exchange site you get visitor from exchanging your website with another website. when you visit other websites then other people visit your website, if you visit five hundred websites per day you also get five hundred visitors per day in your website, if you choose it this is a number one solution for getting the visitor in your website.

Here you know the solution of your problem using traffic exchange site lets I m start to talking about my favorite traffic exchange site and its using process, my favorite traffic exchange site is easyhits4u. Do you want to know 'why I am chosen easyhits4u?' because easyhits4u have not the only process of exchanging website, there have many functions for getting website visitor not only that they give an opportunity for making money also so I am chosen easyhits4u. If you want to know full description of easyhits4u you just pay a little attention to me, here I am talking about easyhits4u.

Firstly you should go to the easyhits4u then create your account with correct details. After submitting details successfully you get a verification link in your email from easyhits4u then you should click the link for verifying your account on easyhits4u. When your account is successfully verified you need to do login to easyhits4u account. on the start page of easyhits4u have 'Get started' button click the button there you will see get started instruction of all pages they said you complete your public profile then connect with other members. on the right side of the page you see ok got it click the button to enter your profile setting page, there put your all details correctly and save your profile.

Add your website on easyhits4you.
Adding a website in easyhits4you is a simple process just you should click 'my site' button found in vertical navigation menu of left side, click the button to enter on my site page there have three diffrent buttons credit, buy credits, add new site click 'add new site button' to enter the page there you see textarea, write your website url in textarea and hit the submit button you have complete submission. after complete website submission, you should back to my site, then think what do you want for getting a visitor to your website. If you want paid visitor in your website you should click 'buy credits' button there. There you seen advertising package list, choose one of that's to buy visitor. If you want to free visitor in your website you should click to 'start surfing button' on top, there have two type of 'start surfing' button you can click that button in your wish and start surfing with other websites to earn credits for your site and assign your credits to your website to get visitor from easyhits4you.

Banner ad submission
Easyhits4you have next option for getting the visitor to your website, that is banner ads submission lets we start to know about banner ads submission. for banner ads submission firstly you should go to left sidebar menu of easyhits4you, there you see my banners button, hit the button to go to banner submission page then submit your banner ads on easyhits4you. Easyhits4you is a good website for banner ads submission and it is free to use. If you want to get a huge number of visitor in your website, you are in right place here, easyhits4you have many methods for website owner for getting the visitor. lets i am share another method for getting visitor in website from easyhits4you.

Text ad submission That method is text ads submission, the method of text ads submission method is same as banner ads submission you should go left sidebar where you see my text ads button hit the button to enter my text ads page and submit your text ads on easyhits4you.

directory of easyhits4you.
Easyhits4you have good link directory, you get a good number of visitor and backlink also. For submitting link on easyhits4u link directory, firstly you have to create account in easyhits4u. you should go to the left sidebar of easyhits4u there you see link directory button then hit the button to enter the link directory submission page, then there you seen textarea, in the textarea write your URL and hit the submit button to enjoy with free link directory of easyhits4u.

Easyhits4u Referral program.
Easyhits4u is not only for the website visitor. There you can make lots of money by referral program, the easyhits4u referral program is not difficult you will get some referral from easyhits4u referral building tools, you can get referral easily. And easyhits4u have a system of connection request there you can send connection request to each other and chat with each other.

If you choose this site for traffic exchange, you can get lots of website visitor in short of time.

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