How To Make Money Online With Help Of Whatsapp


Note this, in whatsapp you can't make money directly because whatsapp haven't any service for paying to user but you can make money by doing other online work where whatsapp help you.
With the help of whatsapp you can make money by doing other online work.
Here i want to say you about that online work where you can earn money by help of whatsapp.
Below i'am listed some online working methods which have need the help of whatsapp.

Make money from whatsapp by joining PTC websites

For do this method, firstly you need an account of PTC websites.
Don't worry about PTC websites account you can make your account easily.
But note this after creating account on PTC website, you must have to read their terms and condition or their user aggrements.

PTC websites pay you for visiting websites, referring peoples and completing their task.
Do you want to know what type of PTC website you need to join?
You need to join legit PTC site like neobux and you need to join that website which pay you with high amount of money neobux paying rate is also high you can join neobux by clicking Here.
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Full form of PTC is Paid to Click and Do you know why i'am suggest you to join PTC site for making money by using whatsapp?
If you understand that matter after i'am saying then you are a great if you are not understand thats also ok you can understand now, let me clarify you what the matter is.
The PTC sites are free to join and there have a system of referral program, on the referral program you will be paid if someone join by your referral link.
The referral link you can share on your whatsapp group and you can also share with your whatsapp contacts, some of your whatsapp contacts and your whatsapp group mates will could join by your referral link and you will be paid from the PTC website where you are working.

This is a method which you can use to monetize your whatsapp account.
If you join PTC site, there you can earn money from many different ways.

Make money from whatsapp by making youtube videos.

Are you a youtuber?
If you are a youtuber then you can make money from whatsapp by sharing your youtube video links,but note this your video should be monetized by google adsense.

If you are not a youtuber but have intrest to be a youtuber then you can create your own youtube channel, don't worry about creating channel or account on youtube that you can do easily.

For monetizing your youtube videos you need atleast 1000 video views.
When your videos is monetized then you can earn money from whatsapp by sharing youtube video links, when someone click on the link and when watching you will get paid on your adsense account.

I hope you found this is also a good method for converting your whatsapp contacts and groups to money generator machine

Make Money From Whatsapp Doing Affiliate Marketing.

Do you know we can make money from whatsapp doing affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a system of selling other peoples or companies products, if you sell their product they will pay you money.

There are many websites on the internet which provide affiliate marketing for human being you can join their sites if possible but when you join the sites you must read their terms and policy.

If you join there then you will need to choose a product which you want to promote on your whatsapp group or Whatsapp contacts then you need to pick the product link then go to WhatsApp and share the link with your group mates and contacts.

By doing affiliate marketing you can also make money from whatsapp

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