How to create an account on Neobux.

Are you thinking for making money from Neobux PTC (Paid to Click) website?

For making money from neobux, firstly you need to create an account there.
For creating account on neobux, you need to know what is the process of account creation on Neobux? so today i'am writing this article for you.

For settingup your neobux account, here i want to show you step by step guide, you just headover on the below steps carefully.
Whean you read this article completly then you haven't need to ask question with other for creating your account on neobux.

  1. Firstly open in your browser.
  2. Next, Read neobux Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy buttons are appears in bottom left side of the page.
  3. If you aggre with neobux Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then come back and click on Register button, the Register button is appears in top right side of the page.
  4. See, whean you click on the Register button, registration page will be open in same window of your browser.
  5. When the registration page in open completly on your browser then fill up the registration form and click on Continue button, the Continue button is appears in bottom left side of the registration form.
  6. When you clicked on the Continue button, new page will be open in same window.
  7. They will send you a verification code in your email, copy the code and paste in email verification code input box then click on Continue button.
  8. After completing the all above steps you will receive a congratulation message with log in button, click on the log in button, neobux login page will open then input your account details in log in form and click on Send button.
  9. If you are succesfully logged in to neobux then you are done!.

I hope this article help you to create an account of neobux.
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